Lithuanian Souvenirs from Vilnius

On this page, you will find wolf-shaped Lithuanian souvenirs from the capital city Vilnius.

Each souvenir comes with a leaflet which includes The Legend of the Founding of Vilnius and the description of Wolf and its Symbolic Meaning.

Products information

From 2013 to 2018, Iron Wolf souvenirs were sold in different souvenir shops in Vilnius Old Town, also in Vilnius Airport and in the old capital city Trakai. Starting from 2019, Iron Wolf souvenirs are no longer sold in physical stores but can be bought online.

Currently, you can order the two souvenirs that are shown above: Iron Wolf statuette-figurine, and the Iron Wolf magnet gift-souvenir. The third souvenir, Iron Wolf chocolate, is coming soon.


Origins of Iron Wolf:
The Legend of the Founding of Vilnius – Gediminas Dream
Wolf Symbolism
About the Iron Wolf Design